Jeff Kibuule

What I Use: January 2014 0

What I Use: January 2014

Inspired by Paul Thurrott, I decided to write a “What I Use” article about all the different bits of technology I use to get what I need to done. It’s a lot of stuff,...

Why Microsoft needs to make its own “Nexus” 1

Why Microsoft needs to make its own “Nexus”

2013 was a great year for Windows Phone. Through devices like the Nokia Lumia 520, Windows Phone grew tremendously in several markets, and in some actually eclipsing iOS market share. The Windows Phone platform also got...

Xbox One 1

Xbox One Initial Impressions

I’ve had an Xbox One for 2 days and I wanted to write about my initial impressions. I’ve broken them down into different categories: console hardware, controller hardware, Kinect, console software, games, and final...

Xbox One vs PS4 1

Why I Picked an Xbox One over PS4

So about 4 days ago, I decided to cancel my PS4 preorder and just stick with the Xbox One, saving myself about $430 in the process. Maybe it was sanity taking over or the...

Microsoft Surface 2 0

Surface 2 Review

What a difference a year makes. The Surface 2 is finally here, it’s been out for almost 3 weeks, and I wanted to review it to see how it improved from the Surface RT,...

Apple October 22 Event 0

Apple October 22 Event Predictions

Today’s predictions are *Retina* iPad mini, *thinner* iPad 5, more *Haswell* Macs, and finding out how much the *trash can* Mac Pro is going to cost some people.

iPhone 5s Top Half 0

iPhone 5s/5c Impressions

Went to the Apple Store yesterday to get a look at the iPhone 5s and 5c. The store itself was moderately busy when I went at 3pm. I saw a few iPhone 5s units...

Predicting the iPhone 5S 0

Predicting the iPhone 5S

I’m skipping the pre-amble this time and going straight for the specs. The iPhone 5S will likely have the following: Apple A7 2nd generation Swift dual-core SoC built on Samsung 28nm HK-MG process clocked...